Dear State Executive Directors and Scholarship Recipients,

We are happy to announce that Salesforce, a cloud computing financial platform, is now live to process candidate scholarships! We appreciate your patience during the on-boarding process and we are so excited to finally introduce you to the new scholarship request system.

First, all scholarship requests moving forward must be submitted via Salesforce. State and local requests must be made by the State Executive Director only at the following link: State/Local

The scholarship request form must be completed in its entirety or the system will not accept the request. If you receive an error, please review the form and confirm that you provided all of the proper information and documentation to complete your request. Please note the foundation will no longer accept scholarship requests via regular mail or email after September 1, 2018. We ask for you to advise your local directors that they will now forward their Miss America Foundation scholarship requests to you for submission via the state and local link above.

For National and Foundation scholarships, recipients must request their own funds and should be directed to the following link: National/Foundation

  • Academic and Community Service Awards
  • Miracle Maker Awards
  • STEM
  • Women in Business
  • Jean Bartel Quality of Life
  • Allman Medical
  • Davuluri Medical
  • Academy of Honor
  • Jean Bartel for Military Awareness
  • Tiffany Phillips Scholar-Athlete

If you experience any issues with the new platform, have questions, or concerns, please contact the National Office at 609-344-1800.

For questions related to scholarship usage timelines and allowable expenses, please review the Miss America Scholarship Rules & Regulations:

2017 National Scholarship Rules
2017 MAF Scholarship Rules and Regulations (Allman Phillips Bartel)
2016 State Scholarship Rules

For any additional questions, please call 609-344-1800 or email